Shared Earth

Privacy Policy

Shared Earth is a resource for all plant and food lovers, land owners, gardeners and farmers. We expect that those who use our site are well-intentioned and want to help build a community that’s beneficial to all our lives and landscapes. Our success is directly linked to the information you provide in your profile, so it's really important to be honest about your expectations, your experience, and more.

We will never disclose your exact address or email address to anyone without your express permission. This information is strictly confidential.

Safety, security, and trust are among our greatest goals in offering this service through Shared Earth. We believe that those who give and take from the land in a responsible, sustainable, and caring manner are, by their nature, trustworthy individuals. But ultimately, it’s up to the land owner to decide with whom they’ll share their little spot of earth, and while we encourage you to be judicious, selective, and distinct, do try to keep an open mind, heart, and home. Good things grow in the wild, as well as the tended garden.