Creating A Garden Share Plan

Interested parties can communicate directly through email, and once a connection is made, it's time to make a Garden Share Plan!

Because the work, the rewards, and the time and space commitments all depend on the land owners’ and gardeners’ needs and means, each Garden Share Plan will be unique.

What you plant, where you plant it, and the division of cost, labor, and how the produce generated by the land is divided is entirely up to you. We’re simply here to connect, support and guide you, mostly because we believe in the idea, and because it has worked to enrich our own lives and landscapes. Sign up for free today!

We encourage you to start with a simple map of the land, and share your goals. Discuss what can and cannot be grown there, consider different seasons and how things will grow and change, determine the divisions of labor, cost, and actual yield (yum!), and write everything down, so there’s no miss-communication or ambiguity later on.

Once you get going, a good rule of (green) thumb (and a good life rule in general) is to respect others, act in kindness, and be mindful of others’ space and knowledge. Gardeners, be mindful of time and space as you enter another person’s home. Land owners, be respectful of the experience and passion of those who are willing to give their time and skill to enrich you life and landscape.